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Alternative Treatments for Cancer

Updated: Dec 29, 2017

There are many different types of cancers and many different stages. Traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can have many bad side effects and make someone feel very ill. There are some alternative treatments you can try to help cure and alleviate the symptoms of your cancer, but keep in mind that this could have no effect or make the cancer grow.


Acupuncture is said to help relive nausea that is brought on by chemotherapy. It has also helped people get pain relief from certain types of cancers. One thing to know is that this is not a safe option if you're taking blood thinners or if you have low blood counts.


This can either be an oil massaged into your skin or it can be heated and put into the air. It can help relive nausea, pain, and stress. This can be done at your doctor's office or at home.


Doing gentle exercises can help combat fatigue and stress. It can also help you sleep better. In addition, it can help you live a better life overall.


This needs to be done by a licenses professional and it can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and pain. It can also help you have less chance of nausea and vomiting that happen from your chemotherapy.


Since meditation is about going into a deep state of concentration, it can help alleviate stress and anxiety. It can also help you be calm and relaxed overall.


You can get a gentle massage or a deep massage and it can help relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, and fatigue. It can also help you be more relaxed. This needs to be done by a professional.

All of these can help alleviate some of the symptoms but you need to make sure you are still getting treatment for the cancer. Before doing any of these, make sure you talk to your doctor to get their input. There have been studies that show cbd gummy can be effective in treating cancer.

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